High Resolution Video Surveillance Has Finally Arrived!


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Every night the evening news shows just how bad video surveillance can be as we watch a recording of the local store being robbed at gunpoint.  Most of the video we see is so bad its hard to determine the physical characteristic of the bad guy due to low resolution analog cameras.  How many times have you wondered why you see such poor quality video being displayed on your HD TV?  IP Megapixel technology will change video security from a low-resolution, poor quality video to high definition quality that is changing the video security industry.
We see great results on television programs showing camera recordings that rival HD television cameras, so why is this technology not available to every retail and business requiring some form of video surveillance?  Today its not available at a reasonable cost, but it will soon be available to the masses as IP Megapixel technology becomes standard camera requirements, and the cost of IP Megapixel CCTV comes down in price.  Basically the cameras will be digital IP instead of analog composite signals.  Digital IP cameras are fast emerging and costs should drastically decrease as more products coe to the market.  It can’t happen soon enough.
Video surveillance technology is dominated by analog cameras.  With analog cameras comes low resolution and the inability to digitally zoom the recorded video with any real success.  With the new IP Megapixel Video Cameras coming to the market, the video surveillance business is changing rapidly both technically and at a business level.
We have had for several years, Megapixel still-shot and video cameras.  We can record quality high resolution pictures and video, and better yet perform post-recording editing such as digital zoom and cropping.  Why is video surveillance technology behind on this technology?  Why can’t a video camera take a record a broad view of a business retail counter and if necessary, zoom in to details such as faces and transaction details?  Due to the limitaions of analog cameras this has been a burden for video security installers and customers alike.
IP Megapixel cameras are measured by the number of pixels on the screen (resolution).  Compared to typical analog systems with less than 640×480 resolution, Megapixel Cameras at 3MB have a resolution of 2048 x 1540 and a 6 Megapixel Video Surveillance will provide 2830 x 2800 resolution.  Basically the smaller the dots on the screen, and the more dots on the screen provide the ability for Digital Zoom to maintain a quality picture.  In analog cameras with 500 or so TV Lines, digital zooming brings fuzzy video and poor quality images.
Some IP camera vendors are touting that IP cameras have about 15% market share.  That may be true in large enterprise-like projects, but I estimatethat IP camera systems make up less than 5% of the total market worldwide today in the summer of 2009. Typical issues with advanced technology like proprietary IP protocols by many manufacturers are inhibiting the growth of the IP camera market.  The biggest factor today is cost as IP cameras are generally 4-5 times the cost of a professional analog camera system.  This price will come down in the next 2 years as volumes increase and vendors compete for the market.  There are great opportunities for IT departments to enter the security market as common IT requirements are needed for this advanced security technology.
The new IP Meagapixel camera technology will revolutionize the CCTV industry much like the Digital Video Recorder in the 1990’s and early 21st century. This exciting technology will bring High Definition to the retal, business, and consumer customers demanding high quality video.  Bad guy beware!



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