Point and Shoot Vs DSLR – Which Is Right for You?


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If you are considering purchasing a new camera, the main decision is whether to purchase a point and shoot camera or a DSLR camera. A point and shoot camera is smaller, less expensive, and easier to use. A DSLR or digital single lens reflex camera offers much more flexibility and opportunity for creativity but is more expensive and has a bit more of a learning curve. When you are debating between a point and shoot camera and a DSLR camera there are many different factors that you will want to keep in mind. Here are just a few.
As we mentioned before, a point and shoot camera will be less expensive than a DSLR camera. If your budget for a new camera is $150 or less, then a point and shoot camera may be your only choice. However, if you can afford to spend just a little bit more it is often possible to find older DSLR cameras secondhand. For a wide variety of reasons a DSLR camera holds its value much more than a point and shoot model so purchasing a used DSLR in good condition is not necessarily a bad idea. On the other hand, a DSLR camera is an investment much more than a point and shoot camera. Many people purchase an inexpensive DSLR with one lens and upgrade the body of the camera when they are able. In recent years the cost of a basic DSLR camera has dropped significantly and they are now much more affordable.
Assuming that your budget permits either a point and shoot or a DSLR camera the next consideration is how serious you are about photography. A point and shoot camera is easy to learn to use, and will take many excellent pictures. However, if you are serious about photography even as a hobby there are limits to what you can do with a point and shoot camera. If you want more creative flexibility and a camera that will allow you to experiment and learn, then a DSLR is the best choice. If you simply want to get your camera out and take pictures at your child’s birthday party then a point and shoot may be all that you need. Some people feel that they must have the newest and best camera out there but the truth is that a quality point and shoot is enough to satisfy many people. Before you decide on a DSLR make sure that you are interested enough in photography as a hobby to justify the extra expense.
Although a DSLR is a much more flexible camera, it is also larger than a point and shoot camera. The additional lenses, flashes, and other gear make it more difficult to carry a DSLR wherever you want to go. If you are looking for a camera that you can put in your purse or pocket then you will definitely want to go with a point and shoot. However, there are backpacks and carrying cases available that can make it easier to carry all of the equipment that goes with a DSLR camera. As a matter of fact, many professional and amateur photographers have a DSLR but also own a reliable point and shoot camera for situations where it is not practical to use a larger camera.



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