The Phone-Camera Will Replace The Digital Camera In The Future


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The digital camera was the most popular product in the past years, which still have three years of prosperity. And then it will be replaced by the phone-camera after years of reduction. The growth of digital camera shipment is 10.4% in the year of 2010, and it will still increase in the future three years. The market will be over-saturation in the year of 2014. The lower-end digital camera will face the competition from phone-camera which will become the favorite choice of the customers.
The shipment of the digital camera may bounce in this year, because the price is reducing, the economy is recovering. But the experts maintain that this market is still weak. Some elements show that the entire trend is not positive, for example, customers in Europe are becoming more and more accustomed to the phone-camera. What is more, customers like using the social network, such as Facebook and Flickr, to share and store photo. The limitation of the broadband makes the webs unable to process the high-pixel, so the customers will give up the digital camera further. Because the pixel has reached the peak, especially on the mature market; therefore, the high-pixel may not become the selling point of digital camera.
Although the prospect of the digital camera is dark, there are still some areas increasing, such as the HD camera, 3D camera and DSLR. The HD camera is the important technology to change the camera market, which integrates the HD and digital camera into a device. Although it is on the early stage of its development, its price will be more reasonable, especially when the prices of semiconductor and Flash are reducing. The shipment will increase to 120 million in the year of 2014, which will take eighty-nine percent of the entire market. 3D camera is another increasing area. With the emergence of 3D game and video, the 3D camera will be released between 2011 and 2012. The 3D camera will not become the mainstream before the 3D screen takes thirty percent of the market. The DSLR was used for the professional photographer before, which will attract more customers with the reduction of price. The related integrated circuit is ESP4000.



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